LDC Officers and Directors

LDC Officers

Chad K. Yonce, President
Carol S. Hubbard, Vice President
Chris Fisher, Vice President
Kenneth R. Davenport, Secretary

Bryan McNeal, Jr., Treasurer
Yvonne D. Evans, Assistant Secretary
Dorothy G. Harrison, Assistant Secretary

LDC Directors

John S. (Brook) Bennett
Kenneth R. Davenport
Yvonne D. Evans
Chris Fisher
Carol S. Hubbard
Richard T. Jerue
Linda H. Kennedy
Benjamin R. Lanier, Jr.
Grant McAnulty

Bryan McNeal, Jr.
Otha Meadow
Clay Middleton
Cass Singleton
Chad K. Yonce

Arnold Collins (Emeritus)
Baird A. Mallory (Emeritus)
Joseph P. Riley, Jr. (Emeritus)

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